четверг, 18 июля 2013 г.

Le Passé: continué

Today I'm going to tell you about two other cities in my trip. You have already read about the days I spent in Miscolc-Tapolca, Budapest and Vienna. So let's start :)

 After an overnight crossing from Vienna to Paris we were very tired. Despite this, I was ready to see the beauty of the French capital! 
At first we came to our hotel, saw our rooms  and went to city tour. And I have to say that I was very surprised by the cold weather in Paris! I had only summer dresses and trousers in my suitcase... I had forgotten my t-shirts at home XD But my friend Juliette lent me here t-shirt :) In the photo you can see my parisien image :) sandals, trousers, t-shirt, white jacket :) 
And then because of heavy rain and cold I bought a souvenir scarf! We visited Le Musee du Louvre, Notre-Dame de Paris, le Quartier Latin where we tasted some croissants and pains au chocolat. 
So then we had a promenade "Bateaux-mouches". The weather was awful! But it couldn't spoil our mood! We believed that being in Paris sous la pluie is something magical. 
Then by 2 o'clock in the morning we had arrived to our hotel. We were so wet! 

The next day after our le petit dejeuner most of the group went to Disneyland. But I decided to stay in Paris. There was a huge opportunity to faire connaissance with the city and finally fall in love with its magnificent architecture, atmosphere, culture. We wanted to see Les Champs-Elysees so in the morning we came to Louvre by metro. The weather was amazing! Paris after rain is something perfect. 
I bought some souvenirs and we went to Rivoli street. Unfortunately it was too early for shopping and we were just enjoying our promenade. Within some minutes we realized that there were a lot of overlain streets. "What the hell is going on?" -there are our emotions. But later...in 2 minutes I remembered that it was Le 14 juillet!!! How could I forget!!! It was Le jour de la prise de la Bastille, the greatest day for parisiens. We saw the famous military parade, went to Sephora on Les Champs-Elysees where I bought my favourite perfume by YSL Parisienne (It reminds me of Paris....) and DiorAddict Eau Fraiche by Dior. 
Then we were in some other shops... And we finally came to  l'Arc de Triomphe after eating croissants on La Madeleine. That day I spoke French a lot!!! More often I spoke this language with the police :D no-no don't think about something wrong! We were asking some questions like that: "How can we get here or there?" etc.   
It was the craziest day... but the best one in my life. Then we found our TGV RER to go to Disneyland and we went there. 


After amazing days in Paris our group came to Germany, Munich.
Unfortunately it was Sunday and almost everything was closed. All the shops, cafes.... 
Actually we didn't see a lot of sights. It was raining like always, so it didn't surprise me. We had the excursion, saw some interesting places. My friend and I tasted German ice-cream. It was yummy, but not as "yummy" as in Vienna. 
Soon we  understood that there was a great gay-parade in Munich :D It really surprised me) Within some hours Juliette and I were hungry, that's why we visitd Starbucks cafe. As for me, their coffee was so-so. 
After this we came to the famous beerhouse "Hofbrauhaus". I can say that it's the place where you really can feel the atmosphere Bayern. All the Germans were singing and drinking :) It was amazing!

Unfortunately it was the last city in our Eurotrip. I didn't want to come back home... We came to L'vov...took the train and came to Mariupol. 
I hope you liked this story :)

Always yours,
Lesya de Paris

четверг, 11 июля 2013 г.

Le Passé

Good evening mes chers amis!

As you have just read, I'm not going to write this post about the present events. I'd like to tell about my "Eurotrip 2012" first of all to save here all my memories and emotions of the tour. 
So let's start :)
 It happened on 9 July 2012, we came to L'vov(Ukrainian city) where we took our trip-bus. My friend Juliette and I were really very excited sitting in the bust and waiting for the border passage in Hungary. By the way, it was our first country(in the trip) to visit. Oh... at first, It seemed very boring, I mean our border passage. But then my friends and I found a lot of reasons and excuses to laugh! I hope that  Hungarian border guard didn't think that we were drunk or, moreover, that we were drug dealers haha :D  
So after standing almost 4 hours, we finally went to our hotel, where our group appeared near 2 a.m.

Our hotel room was for 3 persons but we wanted to live there four together! So our first night in Hungary was unforgettable! Is it possible not to celebrate your arrival? Of course not! We had a crazy night or even morning XO And as you could understand, we didn't sleep at all. 
The first place we visited was Miskolctapolca with its the 150m long Cave Bath. It's very beautisul, fascinating and good for health! I'd like come there again and again! We spent some hourse there. And after Cave bathing our bus went to the capital of Hungary that's called Budapest. 
I was delighted with the excursion! There are so many interesting places, buildings to visit in Budapest! People are so kind, friendly and funny! They respect their traditions and, as I think, they are proud of their country! I have to admit that if I were Hungarian, I would be proud too. I can't describe the greatness and beauty of the buildings... The main bridge is amazing! So if you're going to visit Hungary, I am absolutely sure that you'll fall in love with this pretty city "Budapest".
After the wonderful day we came to the other hotel in Budapest and didn't sleep at night again because of our room-guests :D (We were celebrating again)


The next stop was Vienna. I was struck by the beauty of Budapest...So just imagine my emotions when I saw the capital of Austria. It wasn't shock anyway!! it was something more shocking than shock! 

You know, every place has its own atmosphere that always inspires me. I can't describe this state of mind... You need to feel it to understand me. In Hungary, for example, I remembered the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire! It was something very strong, powerful, majestic...So in Vienna I feeled Middle Ages...The gothic architecture fascinates.... I imagined the famous dynasty of the Hapsburgs, their traditions and their exploits. Of course I thought about the best-known musician Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 
We met a lot of very friendly people in Austria, visited many nice shops :D I've bought there so many souvenirs! It was my passion. I must say that I liked our guide. That woman was very pretty and handsome. 
About Austria, I need to say that, at first, this country reminds me great theatres and royal balls! The atmosphere belongs to the majestic classical music(for example Mozart works).
Everything is perfect in Vienna except of their German language... I understand onle a few words( As you know, it'a huge minus. Of course, people there understand English... But it's very uncomfortable not to understand what people around you talk about, what they want from you XD I'm very interested in learning languages but being honest, German is not my favourite language. I think it's only the one reason why I don't learn it. 
So I like talking to the native speakers on their language. I've heard that French, for example, respect you when you're trying to speak French. Isn't it? And as I 've understood, they speak English very bad or sometimes don't speak this language at all. But France is my next theme :)

So now It's time to nsay Good-Bye to you) I hope you liked the post ) Please leave your comments :)

Army of love,

Lesya de Paris

вторник, 28 мая 2013 г.

C'est un délice

Good afternoon

I'm sorry for my absence. There haven't been any time left for my blog... unfortunately. But now I'm here and I hope that I will write more often. 

  I wanted to say that everything is fine and maybe even great. The weather is amazing, my friends are all around me and it is the end of 10 form.

I can say that it was the easiest year at school. However I was missing a lot my former classmates cause our old 9-A was the best form at school. There have been many funny moments in my life thanks to those people. Even though we've found a lot of reasons to laugh :) I know that my lovely Kate understands me. So I'll be missing all these days. And actually I don't want to go to 11 form. As far as I'm concerned, It's gonna be exhausting and tiring. And of course I'll be missing school days. But not now. 

Summer is coming! 

There are a lot of delicious berries mmm.
They look pretty tasty don't you think so? 
I adore flowers and I can't help admiring them in my room. They smell perfectly. What can be better than a bouquet of peonies or roses? nothing of course :) 
What about my new paintings? Yeah I had painted some illustrations but I haven't photographed them, excusez-moi, s'il vous plaît. Now I don't have a lot of inspiration, every day I meet my friends so i don't have a time.

I can't live without them(my friends). They make me happy :) I like spending evening with friends, laughing, talking and being absolutely mad :) 

I know that It would be better if I prepared for my french exam DELF. I'm trying to do it because there is no time left until 3 june. I guess I'll be nervous. 
So... now I have to go :)
See you soon,
thank you


понедельник, 15 апреля 2013 г.

Our new tradition

I guess my friends and I have a new tradition! Of course we always meet each other many times a week but since 6 April we've decided to come together in our French cafe pour boire du café avec des macarons! Yes, I've fallen in love with macarons! And I advise you black currant taste, chocolate and, I guess, orange! YUMMY! 
I've been in that cafe with my lovely friend Kate. And I'd like to say "Thank you" because we've spent a wonderful time laughing and just talking about everything!

The next piece of news is that spring has just come to our city! It's a wonderful feeling of life power! I adore it! 

Oh, I need to say that I have bought a netbook. First of all, I need it for my future tour to St. Petersburg and for other trips. This is very important for me to stay in touch. And it's very comfortable. I need to write a lot so this technique is very useful. 
P.S. Now you're going to see my new photos(actually not photos of me, but I've made them)

See you again soon

понедельник, 8 апреля 2013 г.

It's a kind of...Paris

Bonsoir à tous!


How was you day? For me it was very pleasant. 

This afternoon we've met with my friends in a local café. I really like that place. It's like a piece of Paris in our city. It's like 3 in one: boulangerie, cafe and patisserie. We've eaten some macarons and tasted some coffee. I should say that spending such a great time is exceptionally amazing. We've talked about our trip to St.Petersburg, dreamed and laughed a lot :)
In the evening I've met my friend and we were cooking CoCo cookies :) I have to admit that they are very delicious :) We've made them for our friends) I hope they will like our cookies. 

I can't wait to visit St.Petersburg in Russia this summer. And the best thing is that I'll go there with my friends. So our preparation has already started. Within one week we'll see each other again to solve some questions.

Write me
See you soon